Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Monster Collaborative Project.

We are very excited to tell you about our Monster Collaborative Project with Caves Beach Public School. NSW, Australia.

 We designed our own monster, then wrote a description of it. The descriptions written by us were sent to pupils in Caves Beach yesterday.  The children there will read the descriptions and draw their interpretations using only the written descriptions and then send them back to us. We can't wait to see their drawings!

We have done the same for their descriptions. We received their descriptions last week and yesterday we drew monsters, using their descriptions. We sent these drawings off to Australia today. 

Later we will compare the originals and those drawn from the descriptions.

Below are the descriptions of our monsters. Why don't you have a go at drawing one of them?
Soon we will publish the original drawings for these descriptions!

My monster is a big white blot. I drew him with a pencil. My monster has two lips for her mouth. She has two pointed fangs coming down from her lips. My monster has one big round eye above her mouth. The eye has a biggish, round dot in the centre with lines going from the dot to the edge of the eye. There are three eyelashes on the top of the eye.  Because it is a blot, she has no arms, legs or nose.    By Aoife.

My monster is big and coloured green. It ha s a big round head with four eyes across the top part. The eyes are white with big black dots. There are two big antenna growing from the top of her head. She has black hair growing down the sides of her head. Her mouth is a rectangle with eight square teeth. She has red around her mouth. She has a long, oval body and is wearing yellow shorts with pink love hearts. She has two arms with three big fingers on each. She has two sort legs.   By Kate.

I drew my monster using a red crayon. She has a round purple head with two round red eyes, a pointy nose and a round circle for a mouth. There are five lines coming out of her head, the two outside ones have circles on, these are her ears. She has a long body which is coloured green. and is rounded at the bottom. She has two short orange coloured arms with no fingers. Her legs are straight down, coloured orange and have three small toes at the end.  By Ava.

My monster has a round, black coloured face with two white eyes and an orange coloured mouth. The eyes have a dot in the centre and four eyelashes on each. There is a semi-circle drawn above the face, on this there are little semi-circle mounds coloured orange, this is her hair. She has no neck, just a small gap between the head and body. The body is a purple rectangle. There are red buttons down along on it. They are square, triangle, square, triangle, square. She has two brown arms, the edges of the arms are waves. She has two green hands with four fingers on each. She has wavy blue legs with yellow feet.  By Lucy.

My monster has a big, round, green body. His head is a small circle, it is coloured pink. I drew his eyes, nose and mouth with pencil. His eyes and nose are round small dots and is mouth is arc shaped line with straight lines on each end. He has stick arms.  His right arm has three pink humps and has left  one has two. He has three stick fingers on each arm. He also has straight, stick legs with round, orange circles for feet.   By Callum.

My monster's head is drawn with pencil and coloured skin colour. It has two brown circles for eyes, with another brown circle inside them. The has a brown semi-circle for a mouth and five red lines coming down from across the bottom of his face. It has orange wavy hair. I drew a big yellow circle for the body. It is coloured purple and has three green circles for buttons. It has two long, arms. The left one is drawn with a black crayon and is coloured pink. It has five fingers, drawn with and orange crayon and coloured pink.  The right arm is drawn with a dark blue crayon and coloured light blue. The three fingers are drawn with a dark blue crayon and coloured pink. He has two rectangular legs. The right one is drawn with a green crayon and coloured red. The left one is drawn with a black crayon and coloured purple.  By Nadia De L.

My monster has a big red face, a round purple nose and long mouth. She has purple hair with two green hair slides like butterflies on each side. She has four purple antennas with round eyes at the end, coming from the top of her head. She has a red rectangle body two green legs. She has three sets of arms. The top set are blue with red hands, the second set are yellow with three yellow fingers and the bottom set are blue with no fingers.   By Clara.

My monster has a round, yellow head with two big sharp orange ears, a round orange nose, a pencil coloured mouth with two big drops of orange blood coming from it. He has two dots for eyes and has three whiskers on each cheek. He has a tear drop shaped body with a love heart on his tummy. He has two stick arms and legs.  By Sinéad.

My monster is all green.  He has a big round head with two pointed ears on top. His eyes are round circles with a big black dot in each. His mouth has two rabbit teeth. His body is rectangle and had six blue outlined buttons on it. He has two fat arms with three fingers on each. He has stick legs with square feet.   ( I also drew his sister, she is exactly the same but all red colour)   By Rhys.

My monster is a fat blobby shape. He is all green with two brown circles for eyes and a dark green curved mouth. He has two short stick arms with three fingers on each and two short L shaped legs. He has some green hair on top.   By Evelyn.

My pretty monster has a big round head, the outline is green. She has two spiky blue ears and long purple hair. She has two round eyes, drawn in purple with black on the bottom to make her look down. She has four eyelashes on her right eye and three on her left. She has a long green neck which turns into a triangle for her dress. She has two blue stick arms and two short blue legs and feet.      By Kristina.

My monster's name is Pip. He has a round orange head with one spiky orange horn on top. He has two green eyes, they are like rectangles with rounded tops and have black dots that make them look to the right. He has a green mouth with spiky teeth. His body is an orange rectangle and is continued straight down from his round head, like one big shape. He has two tiny arms and feet.  By Eoin MacN.

My monster is a big head and no body. The outline of his round head is drawn with red crayon. He has two big red dots for eyes and a ling green thick line for a nose. he has two yellow spots on his cheeks and a big U shaped blue mouth. He has black hair with two green slides on top. He has two green stick arms and legs with green triangles for hands and feet.  By Abbie.

My monster's name is Cyclopsachops. He has a big oval shaped yellow head with two gold ears and two gold horns. He has one red eye, under a bushy brown eyebrow, in the middle of a veiny face. His mouth is very big with red gums and sharp pointy teeth, His brown body is covered with tough black scales.  On each shoulder he has a big horn which is all bloody and another small horn. At the end of each arm are long, very sharp claws. he has more scales on his brown legs. His right leg has bleeding cuts on it.  By Conor.

My monster is a big red blot. He has a head, with one black eye, joined onto the blot. He has wide shoulders and very short, wide arms. His body then comes down into a v shape. he has a big W on his chest.  By Ross.

I drew my monster with a pencil. He has a round head with yellow and blue eyes that are turning green. He has seven spikes of hair coming from the top of his head. He has a round body with two big brown buttons and one  grey pockets hanging out on each side. He has stick arms. the right arm has three fingers and the left arm has four fingers. He has stick legs and his feet are coloures with black crayon and look like a bird's.   by Jerin.

My monster is a long green shape. His head, body and legs are all one with two short green arms. There are two hands on his left arm with blood dripping from them He has no right hand. He has one red eye in circle, with purple lines going from the red to the outside of the circle. He has a spiky mouth with blood dripping from it. There is a purple bat, with blue wings, flying on the right of the monster.   By Nadia N.

My monster has a round head with different coloured spiky triangles coming out on top of it. The first spike on the left is green then pink, purple, red/blue and last black. He has two blue eyes, a black nose and mouth. He has a long roundy body with red, green and black stripes. He has two red arm and legs with  two triangles on each arm for fingers and two triangles on each foot for toes.     By   Kaci.

My monster has two long green heads with three blue eyes in each. They are join to his big, round, golden furry tummy with a line. He has a red cap which is flapping on each side of his tummy. His yellow tummy has two yellow paws on it. The cape has two ovals on it. He has three pink furry feet with four stick toes on each one.    By Eoin McD.

My monster's name is Mercury. She can read people's minds. She only comes out at night and she sleeps during the day. She has red eyes and blood dripping down from her red teeth. Her head is a semi-circle, it comes down into two giant points on each side and a huge triangle in the middle. She has two pointy ears which are pink and blue. Her face is skin coloured near the edge, then pink with orange in the middle. The left spike is green the right spike is yellow and triangle in the middle is orange with purple covered in white in the middle. My monster has the power to make snow and she controls the sky. There are yellow stars all around her. She hangs out of the trees and often breaks them, but you can't see the trees in this picture!    By Anna.

I did three monsters but will describe one. He is a Dad. He has a multicoloured crown. First pink, then yellow, then red. He has one round head, drawn in zig-zags. He has one purple ear and one pink ear. He has seven eyes in a row together. He has two noses and four mouths. He has two arms with one finger on each. he looks furry on the outside. He has a big belly and two legs. He is kind of fat. He has stripes down his face. The colours are: dark blue, light blue, really nice purple, orange, light orange, yellow, torquoise and gold. He has stripes across his body: purple, orange, green, , orange, green, pink. He has two legs, one pink and yellow and the other one orange.    By Róisín.

My monster has a long black and red stripy body. The red stripes are blood. He has red spikes sticking out of his sides and red and green ones at the bottom. He has a roundy head with red spikes sticking out of it. He has two green eyes, a pointy green nose and a green mouth with six black teeth. By Emily.

I drew three monsters who all look the same. They have red faces, round on top with a pointy chin. They have two red pointy ears with a little bit of green in the middle. They have a long green rectangle body which flare out like a skirt at the bottom. They have red circles on their shoulders. They have long green arms with three fingers on the end. They have two long red legs with three pointy toes on each. They have green spiky hair with ribbons. They have pink eyes with a grey V between them. They have a grey mouth, they are cross, they have a frown.   By Eimear.

My monster is a big round, black, blob with spike around the edges. He has one huge eye with blue in the middle and lots of little red eyes surrounding it. My monster has eight short arms and four longer logs. He has a red mouth with two pointy bloody teeth. On top of his head he has two yellow semi-circles and three yellow  spikes, one pointed to the right, one to the left and one between them pointed up. They have red tips. I like my fluffy monster. Do you?   By Kripa.

My monster is like a jelly fish. He is light green in colour. He has seven stubby legs facing downwards. He has two blue eyes and a round pink nose. He has two antenna on top of his head and look like a triangle shaped space creature.    By Catherine.

My monster has a big, green, rectangle shaped body with rounded corners. He has a short wide black head with ten orange eyes. He has two short grey  arms with green hands. He has two grey legs with curled up feet.     By Patrick.

My monster has a long, narrow, brown body. He has purple X's on his body. He has two long, narrow, brown legs. He has one brown right arm and his right hip is bleeding. He has a red face but no eye, nose or mouth. His name is Magic Blackwind. He has a magic blue sky above him and lots of white, gold, blue and pink fireworks around him.   By Seán.

My monster has a round body and round head. He has two big pointy blue ears with a black spot on each. His face is purple  with yellow and orange down the middle. He has one pink eye and one orange eye. he has three pointed teeth. His body is stripy coloured: yellow, orange, pink, brown, black, blue, pink. He has two fat, short green arms with three orange fingers on each.  he has two stumpy red legs.   By Abbey.

My monster's name is Hulk. He is green. He has one red eye above a big red nose. He has a red mouth with three square teeth. He has spiky hair and two pointy ears.  He has a lot of muscles. He is wearing a purple cut-off shorts. His two legs are short and fat with four toes on each.  By Aidan.

I drew three small monsters and will describe one. He has a round head and a long body with three dots for buttons. He has four arms and two legs. He is coloured green. He has two blue dots for eyes, two eye brows and a funny mouth with two fangs. His name is Four Arms.  By Ben.

My monster has a square, bloody red body. His head is a blue semi-circle.. He has one red bloodshot eye on the left side of his face. He has five black buttons down the middle of his body. he has stick arms and legs. He has three fingers on each arm and three toes on each leg.   By Tadgh.

Watch out for our drawings of the descriptions we received from our friends in Australia!!


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  1. We hope you like our paintings of your monsters. We can't wait to see how close we are. We thought your descriptions were very detailed! Well done!