Monday, 6 October 2014

About Us!

We are Senior Infants in St. Anne's School, Shankill, Co. Dublin, Ireland. The Irish name for our school is Scoil Naomh Anna. 

There are nearly 500 children  in our school. We are between the Irish Sea and the mountains.

We have a nice garden in our school. We have a big yard to play in.

This blog was written by The Red Group: Róisín, Kripa, Callum, Lucy, Ben, Eimear.


  1. We are glad to be your buddies.
    We have about 400 children at our school. There are 16 classes. How many classes do you have?
    We were wondering if you could tell us how to pronounce your school's name in Irish. it is very tricky for us to say.
    What games do you like to play in your playground?
    1/2S and Miss Chaffey

  2. There are 17 classes in our school. We like to play Duck, Duck, Goose, Flush the Toilet!, Star Wars and Catch in the yard.
    Our school name sounds like:
    Skull Nae-ov Anna :-)

  3. The games we like to play are: handball, tips, soccer, spies, hide and go seek, crocodiles and footsies. We were wondering how you play the game 'Flush the Toilet'
    Thank you for telling us how to say your school name in Irish. Do you learn to speak Irish and English at school? Is there any way you could record your voices when speaking Irish. We are very interested in hearing another language spoken.
    Thank you.