Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Monster Collaborative Project

 In our last post we wrote about the monster collaborative project that we were working on with Caves Beach Public School, NWS, Australia. We are now delighted to tell you that we have finished this project, we have sent descriptions of our monsters to Australia and our friends in Caves Beach have sent us their drawings of them.

Below our monster drawings are on the left. On the right are the drawings done by our friends in Caves Beach from the descriptions that we sent over to them. We hope you enjoy comparing the pictures!


Abbey's Monster

Abbie's Monster

Anna's Monster


Aoife's Monster

Ava's Monster

Aidan's Monster

Ben's Monster

Callum's Monster

Catherine's Monster

Clara's Monster

Conor's Monster

 Eimear's Monster

Emily's Monster

Eoin MacN's Monster

Eoin McD's Monster

Evelyn's Monster

Jerin's Monster

Kaci's Monster

Kate's Monster

Kripa's Monster

Kristina's Monster

Lucy's Monster

Nadia De L's Monster

Nadia N's  Monster

Patrick's Monster

Rhys's Monster

Róisín's Monster

Ross's Monster

Seán's Monster

Sinéad's Monster

Tadgh's Monster

We had great fun doing this project and we would like to thank our friends in Caves Beach for woking on it with us :-)


  1. Wow your drawings were amazing and obviously you wrote very good descriptions to allow the boys and girls at Caves Beach to draw your monsters so well!
    Miss Chaffey

  2. Wow our monster drawings were pretty close!

  3. The monsters were really close. They looked great!

  4. Wow, I wish I could do a project like this at home.

  5. I like your drawings. They are really good.

  6. I had lots of fun drawing your monsters.

  7. Thank you for doing this project with us. We hope you had as much fun as we did!