Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mad About Maths!

We love maths and we love to make up maths' questions. Can you give the answer to this question?

Kristina went to the shop to buy 3 pineapples, 2 bottles of blackcurrant juice and 1 packet of sweets for being good.

How many things did she buy altogether?

Here are some patterns that we made:

We took some photographs of shapes. Can you name them?

This Blog was written by The Blue Group: Conor, Jerin, Anna, Kate, Kristina, Aoife.


  1. Those are some great patterns! Are they elephants, hippos or horses that are joining up?
    We've been learning about money in our class this week. Can you tell us about the money you use in Ireland?

  2. The animals in the patterns are camels!
    We use the Euro in Ireland. There are 100 cents in one euro.

  3. We would really love to see some photos of your coins. We haven't seen a Euro before. We have 100 cents in one dollar.

  4. You might like to look at this site. it has some money games on it!