Monday, 10 October 2011

Learning about Hedgehogs

We have been busy learning all about hedgehogs.

  • Hedgehogs have spikey prickles (Callum)
  • They have short legs and small eyes (Alexander)
  • Their prickles are brown and yellow (Lucy)
  • The hedgehog can be found in the hedge, that is why he is called a hedgehog (Fiona)
  • He has a nose like a pig or a hog, that is why it is called a hedgehog (Beth)
  • The hedgehog rolls into a ball to keep safe (Maria & Noel)
  • The hedgehog sleeps during the day and comes out at night (Tiarnán)
  • He eats slugs and snails, he is the gardener's friend (Hannah)
  • Do give the hedgehog bread or milk, this can make him sick (Tadhg & Logan)
  • Give him some dog or cat food and some water (Camille)
  • The hedgehog hibernates in Winter, this means he goes for a long sleep (Molly & Eva)
  • The Irish name for a hedgehog is "Gráinneog" (Fiona)

1 comment:

  1. Well done Mrs. Bell's Class. You know a lot about hedgehogs, you must have worked very hard!

    Mr. Lane