Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Gruffalo and Little Red Riding Hood

We read the story of The Gruffalo and the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Both stories were set in the deep, dark woods. Everybody loved the two stories. We pretended to be the animals. We used a squeaky  voice for the mouse and a hissing voice for the snake. We looked at the high things and the low things. The Gruffalo, the tree and the owl were high. The mouse, the snake and the fox were low. The fox was fast and the mouse and snake were slow.

  • I liked the mouse because he pretended to scare the animals (Daniel)
  • I liked the way we could join in and say "There's no such thing as a Gruffalo" (Amber)
  • I liked the fox and his underground house (Séamus)
  • I liked the purple prickles on the Gruffalo's back (Grace)
  • I liked the big bad wolf in Little Red Riding Hood (Lola)
  • I liked the snake sliding from his log pile house (Makayla)
  • I liked the owl in his treetop house (Aaron)
  • I liked when the woodcutter rescued Granny (Chris)
We painted pictures of the Gruffalo and Red Riding Hood. We painted a forest and put our pictures in it. We  added painted leaves and some squirrels. Here is our display!


    1. Hello Mrs. Bell's Class. This is Mrs. Reynolds' class from Carrollton Kentucky. We love your posts. This is an awesome! I love your display! It is great to read what you liked about the story. Wow Lola, you really liked the Big Bad Wolf? That's funny. Have you all read "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs"? It's one of our favorites.

    2. Hi Miss Bells class. We are a class of new entrant students from New Zealand and we love the Gruffalo as well. We even made Graffalo crumble once (but we used apples because we didn't have a Gruffalo handy). Your pictures look wonderful! What do you think the big bad wolf would do if he met the graffalo in the woods?
      Miss Mac