Monday, 29 April 2013

Storytime in Senior Infants

We have been very busy writing stories. We have even written stories that will be published in a special book. Here are some of the stories we have written.
My Weekend
My weekend started on Saturday morning with a football match with the Shankill under 7's.
Last weekend we won our match in Shanganagh Park against Iveagh Trust, 4 goals to 3 and
after the match we went to Carrickmines. I had lunch in BB's coffee shop, where we met my
cousin Daniel.
On Sunday we had an exciting day planned. I went to Daniel's birthday party. We had to
get a bus to Leopardstown because of the horse racing. Eight friends went to Fit-Zone for his party then to McDonalds After that we all went back to Daniel's house for cake and give him his presents. I bought him a Spiderman house.
By Charlie.

A Visit to the Farm
Last summer my Mom brought me to Glenroe Farm. My friend Robyn came with us.
First we went to visit the pig. She had six little piglets and they were all squealing.
Then we went to see the rabbits. The lady took them out of their cage and they ran up
and down the bench. We saw a donkey and a goat and chickens.
We had a picnic on the bench. Last of all we played in the playground.
It was a great day.
By Makayla.

My Match
I went to my match. It was a football game. My club is Cuala. We won our match. After my match I went to my Aunty Ger. She brought us to Eddie Rockets. We had an Oreo biscuit milkshake. Then we watched the Lorax DVD before going home.
By Fiona.

Exploring The Pyramid
Hello, my name is Superblock. I am going to tell you a story... Wait, which story? Oh, the one about when I went to the pyramid. I was with my friends, Jimmy and Jimbo. We were not a million miles away from the pyramid. “Let’s go home and forget the pyramid is even here,” said Jimbo. “You’re overreacting again,” I said. The three of us went into the pyramid. It was dimly lit. It looked like monsters could spawn in there. I turned around and to my surprise, there were zombies asking me for my autograph. “Suuuuuuuperrrrblooooock!” said one zombie. “Muuuuuuuust haaaaaaaave auuuuuutogrrrrraaaaph!” “well, okay,” I said. I gave them my autograph and looked at my friends in a confused way. We then went out of the room. The room was pitch black. Then, a glowing figure walked towards us. “No, it can’t be!”I said. It was...
It was a mummy! It stank of rotten flesh. “Welcome to my tomb!” said the mummy. “I want my mummy!” said Jimbo. “Well, now you’ve got her,” said Jimmy. “Ruuuuuuuuuuun!” I said. We all ran away. “Come back!” said the mummy.”I want to give you my treasure!” We all stopped. “Why?” I asked. “I’m a mummy with no brain; why do I need a treasure anyway?” asked the mummy. He gave us the treasure then he lead us out. “See ya next time!” we shouted to the mummy. We all said goodbye to the zombies too. Then, we went to our secret hideout, stored the treasure, and went to our homes. We never knew we would have such luck!
By David.

The Theatre
When I was in Russia I went to a theatre with my Mom and Aunty. The theatre was in Moscow city. We went on a train and underground train to get there. It was about the little mermaid musical. My favourite character was Ariel. My favourite singer was Sebastian the crab. Before the show they took a picture of me and my Mom and my Aunty. When it was the end of the play lots of golden strings popped out of somewhere. Then they took their bows and we all clapped and cheered.
By Maria.

The Hat
Once upon a time there was a hat who lived in the forest with his friends. They all played with a football.
They had lots of fun. One day one of his friends kicked the football into a holly bush. The ball burst open and they could not play with it any more. They were very sad.
The end.   
 By Noel.

I love holidays especially when I go to Spain. I love Spain because it is always sunny there. I spend all day in the swimming pool, splashing and playing with my brothers and cousins. After swimming, we play chasing and hide and seek around the pool. At night we go out to a restaurant to have dinner and then play on the beach afterwards. Some nights we stay in our apartment and play Connect4 and card games. I always make new friends, last year I met a girl called Tilly. I love holidays because you get to eat ice cream every day.
By Jessica.

My Pet Fish
My pet’s name is Quicksilver. Quicksilver is a goldfish. He likes to swim in his tank. He has five bits of food every day. Quicksilver is 6 years old and he is very big. We used to call him Goldie but he turned white and then silver so we changed his name. We have to clean the fish tank every few weeks and we get new plants for Quicksilver to eat. I wanted to get a friend for Quicksilver but the man in the pet shop said that it would be bad for him as he is too used to being on his own. We had a black fish once to clean the tank but he died.
The End.   
 By Camille.

At the Farm
I went to the farm. I saw a horse. The horse was eating my daddy's trousers. Suddenly there was a goat beside them. Next I saw a piglet, it was so cute.
I had a great day at the farm.
By Ruby.

My 6th Birthday
It was my birthday on Saturday 13th April and I had my party in Loughlinstown Leisure Centre. We played football and I scored 6 Goals in a row. We also played Snatch the Bacon and my team won. After all the games we were really thirsty and hungry. We had chicken nuggets and sausages and loads of cakes. My favourite was my chocolate biscuit birthday cake. All the Mums and Dads came and collected their children. Everyone got a goody bag and a medal. I got loads of nice presents and I had great day.
By Amber.

The Goblin
The goblin had a great plan. He was making a great potion.
The goblin slipped and dropped the potion. OH NO!
The goblin was upset, what would he do?
The wicked witch took all the other potions.
‎But she did not know that the potions did not have the secret ingredient.
The potion did not work for her, she flew back to get the recipe.
She flew back to the goblin college and took the potions.
She laughed as she took the potions. The goblin was very poor now.
He had an idea, he would make more potions. This time he got the secret ingredient, he thought the witch would come again but she did not come again.
  By Lola.

Playing Football
My name is Alexander. This Saturday I went to the park. There is a new GAA club there. We played football and I scored. After that we played hurling and we saw Aaron from my school. I like to play football even when it is raining. At home I play with my brothers and sisters. When I am big I want to be a footballer. My Mum is from Spain. They are the champions.
By Alexander.

Walking Home from School
One fine day we walked home from School. It is downhill all the way home so I like walking home from school. We went to the Garda station for a form for Conor’s passport. I saw some guards through the window, they were just talking. Conor thought we were putting him in jail. We went through the forest and gathered sticks for a campfire. Conor carried the sticks. Then we hid the sticks in our secret hiding place. We played in the trees and Hannah played too. There were lots of flowers, they looked like soldiers standing on a hill. When we got home Mammy gave us each a rolo and made a video of our soldier battle. We had great fun.
By Daniel.

Our Holidays
We went to Lanzarote, and we visited Timanfaya National Park to see volcanoes and volcanic rocks. I touched the hot stones and there were lots of cacti on the island. There were camels too and I got to ride on one.
It was sunny every day. I went down a slide in the swimming pool and had ice cream every day!
I played pool and mini golf with my dad, and I swam in the pool with my sister and my mum.
The food was great and I ate lots of fruit and hot dogs!
On the aeroplane we had to wait four hours to get home, but I was glad to get home to my own house.
The end  
  By Ben.

The Puppy and the Giant
Once upon a time there was a puppy called Brawny. One day he found magic beans in the park.
He planted the seeds, they grew into a giant been stalk. He climbed up the beanstalk, then he
saw a Giant so Brawny hid under the table. But the Giant saw Brawny and chased him. Brawny
fell down on an elephant . The Giant fell down in the sea.
He got down from the elephant and went home. Brawny told Mum and Dad about the Giant and the beanstalk. They were all surprised about the adventure.
The End  
By Chris.

I have one brother and one sister they are called Danny and Alice. My Mum and Dad are called Sarah and Brian. I love them all so much, they are kind to me. I love my family. We have a cat called Ella. We love her so much. We go on holidays sometimes. I love going on holidays to Clare and Wexford, it is fun going there. I go to Clare and Wexford for a few weeks every Summer. I have friends in Wexford and my cousins are in Clare. I have a caravan in Wexford and it is great fun every year. I go to the beach when I am in Clare and when I am in Wexford I go horse riding. My Nana and Granddad live in Clare for half the year. I miss them.
The end.
  By Beth.

My Summer Holidays
This Summer I will go to Youghal in Co. Cork with my family and my cousins. My granny and granddad will be there as well. We will go to the beach and make sandcastles. I will go swimming with my cousins and we will go for a trip on a boat. I will have lots of fun .
By Christian.

I Love Cycling
I have a black and red bike. My helmet is blue, silver & red. Sometimes I cycle in the park with my Dad my brother & my sister. One day I cycled all the way to Cabinteely to get my haircut. Another day I cycled to Bray Seafront and back again. That was hard work but I really enjoyed it.
By Tadhg.

My Granny's Birthday Party
Last January 5th my Granny was 80.
We had a big party in Ballyfin House.
All my Uncles, Aunties, Cousins and family were there.
I went on a sweet hunt around the house and I went on a
horse drawn carriage around the estate with my cousin Annika.
On Saturday afternoon my cousin Izzy had a party in the
There was a bouncy castle and a magician.
On Saturday night we all had a big meal to celebrate my
Granny’s 80th Birthday.
We had a great time in Ballyfin and I love my Granny.
By Molly.

My Birthday Party
My birthday was on Monday 8th April. I was six. I had a party with all my friends. We played football and rugby and had great fun. After all the games we had nuggets, chips and hula hoops. All my friends sang Happy Birthday. I blew out the candles and made a wish. I really enjoyed my party.
By Vincent.

The Little Girl and the Cave
A little girl went for a walk in the forest one day. When she was walking she found a cave. She wondered what was inside. She took a look inside, it was very dark. So she went back home and she got a torch. When she shone it in the cave she saw lots of diamonds stuck to the walls. She tried to pull them off but they wouldn’t move. Then she heard a roar, it was a dragon! She was very scared, she ran away back home and she said to herself in her head that she would go and have a proper look tomorrow.
The next day when she went back she went further inside the cave than she had ever been! This time she brought a little hammer to break bits of the diamonds off. When she broke a diamond off she tapped the diamond and it broke into little pieces. She put them in her pocket to keep safe for later. There were all different colours of diamonds so she tapped the hammer and did the same with all the different coloured diamonds. This time she heard a growl, it was a very hungry bear! He chased her all the way home and she never went back again!
The End. 
 By Lucy.

My Pet
Snoopy is my pet. He is a dog. His fur is white and brown. He loves to eat brown food. Snoopy likes to play with toys. Yesterday, he ate my doll and polar bear. Oh no! Snoopy loves to go for a walk with my brother, Conor. Snoopy wants to go to sports day but he is too small. Everyday he comes to school with me and sits in Ms Bell’s chair. He is the teacher. He writes words on the board like the word necklace. My friends laugh. He licks everybody on the hands and the face. I give Snoopy kisses and cuddles. I love my Snoopy.
By Sinéad.

My Wobbly Tooth
One day I had a wobbly tooth. I wobbled it a lot and it was very wobbly. One day I was sitting in my bedroom and I was wobbling my wobbly tooth. I felt something in my mouth and at first I thought it was a piece of bread. I nearly swallowed it. Then I realised it was my tooth. It had fallen out! I ran into the kitchen to tell my Mum and my Dad. They were delighted. Then I told my little brother Aaron. He was staring at the tooth and the blood. That night I put my tooth into an envelope and under my pillow. I wrote on the envelope 'To the Toothfairy, this is my first wobbly tooth'. I was excited going to sleep.
The next morning I was very excited to see 250c under my pillow! I bought a floating princess out of the money. Then I had another wobbly tooth that fell out. I got another 250c. I don't know what to buy out of the money yet, I might save it for my holidays. I love the toothfairy!!
By Eva.

Nice People
One day my friends and I were going to the shop. I cycled but my friends walked. I had two euro and water was two euro. I spent my money on water. I drank my water because I was very thirsty. On the way home I met lots of nice people. Some were walking their dogs.
When we were nearly home I met my neighbour. She had a dog called Honey. She asked if I would walk her dog. She gave me two euro. Then we were home.
By Tiarnán.

My Kitten
I have a kitten called Gumball. When he was very small he was thrown out of the window of a moving van, so my Mum and I rescued him. He is black and white and a very big rascal. He is very mean to our other cat, Baby. He jumps on her head and chases her round the house. The last two weeks Gumball has been very sick. He wouldn’t eat or drink or even attack Baby! My mum took him to the vet and he had a very bad infection in his ear, he needed two injections and we were very upset and worried about him because he was so sick. Even after the injections he still had an infection so we had to take him to the vet again and get drops for his ear. Hopefully he will be much better soon, although I think Baby probably hopes he stays nice and quiet instead.
By Callum.

My Holidays
I am going to France in the summer with my family.
Paddy and I will go swimming in the pool everyday.
We will have a great time building sand castles.
My Mum and Dad said that we can have an ice cream everyday on holidays.
I will make lots of friends in France.
It will be very sunny so we will have to put on a lot of sun cream.
There might be a kids disco for my brother and I to dance at. My baby brother Paul is too small to dance at the disco.
When I am in France I will miss my dog Misty and my uncle Chris.
By Hannah.

My Fish
I have two fish.
They live in my fish tank.
Their names are Boomer and Trigger Happy.
Boomer is grey, black and white.
Trigger Happy is red.
I feed my fish every day.
They like swimming in water and breathe through their gills.
I like swimming also but I do not have gills.
By Cian.

My Play House
My play house is brown with a green roof.
It has 6 yellow windows and a red door.
I love to play outside in it.
My friend Keeley comes to play everyday.
We found 2 big spiders in my house and
1 slug.
When we got the spiders and the slug out
of the house, Keeley and I played with my
kitchen in my play house.
The End 
 By Ava.

My Great Weekend
It was my brother’s Confirmation at the weekend. We all got dressed up in nice clothes. Then we went to the church for the Confirmation service. We went home after the Confirmation and had some lunch. We got a big bouncy castle with the Simpson’s on it and blew it up. I played on the bouncy castle with my friends and cousins. On Sunday we went to Carrickmines and my brother got me a Power Ranger sword. Afterwards we went to a restaurant for dinner with my Auntie and Uncle. We had Chinese food and it was yummy.
By Logan.

My Trip to Hospital
I went to hospital for an operation on my foot. I had a special plaster on my hand. I had to wear funny pyjamas. It had teddy bears on it. The doctor wrote on my leg with pen so he could remember which foot to operate on.
By Aaron.

My Holidays
Every year I go to Greece on my holidays with my family. We stay with my Aunty and Uncle. The sun is always shining in Greece. The house they live in is very close to the beach. I love going to the beach. I love to swim in the water. I always go snorkelling in the sea with my Dad. We can see little fish and the fish are very tricky to catch. Also there are some dolphin paddle boats. Some of the boats even have slides on them. We paddle them out to sea and try to catch fish. Every night I go to a funfair called Luna Park. My favourite thing to do at Luna Park is to ride on the bumper cars. There is a big Ferris Wheel at Luna Park too. You can see the whole town from the top of it.
Sometimes we go to a restaurant where there are some swings and slides nearby. We can play on them while we wait for our dinner. My favourite food to eat in Greece are chips and ice-cream. Yum yum.
I really love to go to Greece and I can’t wait to get there this summer.
By Luke.

Lucky Boy
One day I played football. I scored TWO goals. My mum was impressed with me because my team won. She saw all of it. Later on my dad took me to get Match Ataxs because my team won the match. At 6 o’clock my grandparents came over.
The next day my Dad was so happy that he brought my sister and I to the Dogs Trust. I loved my new dog so much. I called my puppy Skipper, lots of people liked him. Later that day Skipper went to school and sat an exam with me.
The Maths questions were:
45+3= 32+5= 50+50= 53+2= 98+6= 45+8= 94+5= 67+10= 101+3 23+8=
The English questions were:
Skipper and I got all the Maths and English questions right. I got jellies, Skipper got a bone! Clever Dog and Lucky Boy!
The End 
 By Séamus.

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